ScribTeX Support

James March 18, 2010 Knowledge Base

Welcome to ScribTeX, the online LaTeX editor. ScribTeX makes it really easy to get started with LaTeX so feel free to go and have a play with it. If you get stuck then come back here and find out how things work!

Creating your first file

ScribTeX helps to keep your files organized by splitting them into projects. When you compile a file in project, all of the other files in the project are seen by the compiler, so you can include images, bibliographies and anything else LaTeX understands!

You can create a new project by clicking on the 'New Project' link on your dashboard. Enter a name for your project and click 'Create'. dashboard_new_project_close_up.

Your new project has been created but it doesn't have any files yet. Create your first file by clicking 'New File' at the bottom of the project page.




You will see a page where you can edit the content of your new file, and give it a name. As an example, call you file 'example.tex' and enter the following content: 



Hello World, I'm using Scrib\TeX{}


Click 'Save' or press ctrl-s to save your first file.

Now for the magic: to send this file through LaTeX and produce a nice PDF, simply click the 'Compile' button. ScribTeX will handle the compilation for you and return the formatted PDF.


Further Information

We've tried to make ScribTeX as easy as possible to use, so feel free to go off and try it out. Answers to many questions are included in our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you don't find your answer there then please open a ticket to ask our support staff.